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The ME FIT Movement is all about mental fitness training to promote resilience, emotional intelligence and good mental health.  
The concise handbook is written in every day language and contains a number of short sections which explain useful ideas to help you achieve this. Each section includes a couple of exercises which are suitable for anyone and can easily be fitted into your daily routine.

You will be given strategies to gain control over thoughts and feelings by revealing the dynamics behind them. Raising awareness is the first step and allows you to replace bad habits and negative thought patterns with more positive ones.

There is nothing complicated in these ideas but the discipline of a regular exercise programme, tailor made to suit individual needs, is essential.   All you require is the desire to succeed and the commitment to put into practice what you will learn.   About five minutes a day can be enough to shift your thinking in the right direction.

Welcome to the ME FIT movement, whether you do this on your own or in a group, I can promise that you will notice a difference if you believe in the power of positive thinking and the process of change.



The ME FIT Handbook

Get the book from Amazon, either as a hard copy or in digital format ME FIT: Mental Fitness Training - a Handbook for Life

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Useful resources for group leaders or anyone training alone and wanting to record progress. Download these worksheets to assist with the exercises.

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Ideas and Updates

A platform for the exchange of ideas about what is happening in the ME FIT Movement led by the Me Fit Training C I C (community interest company) where all profits will be used to promote and extend the programme. Get involved, contribute and spread the word.

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