We are a Community Interest Company, called Me Fit Training C I C, set up in 2019 to deliver these resources to a wide range of people through workshops, group activities and one to one coaching. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, or would like to participate in our activities, please use the Contact page and get in touch.

The following worksheets can be used in conjunction with the exercises in the handbook. 

Section headings are given for easy reference.  Not all the exercises will have worksheets as some are designed to be more visual than others.

Feel free to print them out as single sheets of A4 and adapt them to meet your needs.

Keeping it under wraps   2.1
Keeping it under wraps.docx
Bank of Life  2.2
Bank of Life.docx
Being realistic  2.4
Being realistic.docx
A big thank you  3.1
A big thank you.docx
Luck is where preparation meets opportunity  3.4
Luck is where Preparation meets Opportunity.docx
Take the starring role in your movie  4.2
Take the starring role in your movie.docx
Putting out there what you want to get  back  4.3
Putting out there what you want to get back.docx
How does your garden grow  4.4
How does your garden grow.docx
Judge not  5.1
Judge Not.docx
Never mind the currency  5.3
Never mind the currency.docx
When tragedy strikes  6.1
When tragedy strikes.docx
What's written on your tombstone  7.1
What's written on your tombstone.docx
Breaking the rules  7.2
Breaking the rules.docx